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Diwali 2020 Organ Donation Art Competition.

Click HERE to view flyer with more details. CLICK HERE to see JHOD AND NHSBT DIWALI ARTS COMPETITION Guidance & Application Form.

Jalaram Bal Vikas hosted a Sports Day on 30th June 2018 and a Teacher Training Day on 1st July 2018 when several schools met at Jalaram Community Centre to share Gujarati teaching experiences and plan forward. See our Gallery page for photos from the events.

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We have launched an eNewsletter in conjunction with Jalarambapa Leicester Temple. This eNewsletter will be published periodically to provide the latest news of events at our Jalaram Mandir and Bal Vikas Gujarati School, and events / news from around the world on the support for Shree Jalarambapa. Please click HERE to subscribe and also pass on the link to all your friends and family so they can subscribe too. You can Unsubscribe whenever you wish by using a link on each eNewsletter. Thanks for your support for our Temple, Gujarati classes and events.

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Issue 01/2018 – Our launch issue